Friday, November 19, 2010

Road Trip Snacks

As I've discussed before.. I have a tendency towards crazy. But unlike other kinds I prefer to call mine the "good kind of crazy" if you know what I mean. 

So here is the latest.. I have decided to drive home for the Thanksgiving holiday to be with my family and bring my boyfriend with me. Doesn't sound crazy yet, right? Well, driving home for me includes a 3,000 mile round-trip adventure from Northwest Montana to Chicago, IL when the weather looks a little less than fabulous. 

And there it is folks... that "good kind of crazy" I'm talking about. 
The good news is...
The sun has come out after days of snow and rain giving me the 'go ahead it's going to be a great trip' omen I was hoping for.

And I know how to pack road snacks for a three day road trip. Aren't we lucky?

I'll get on with it...  here is how I pack for a glorious and successful three day trip.. Take notes if you like or just use a few of the tips that I have included. Either way if you are making a road trip, even if it isn't over mountain passes in the dead of winter where you may slide out or get stranded (don't worry family.. I'll get there come hell or more likely snowy ice packed mountain passes).

Road Trip Snacks - The essentials

I happened to have a dislike for fast food. There is nothing that feels worse than being cooped up in a car for three days other than being cooped up and eating greasy food for those three days. 

So I pack lunch meat,
Whole wheat bread (I ran out of time and had to buy the bread, I know shame on me), mustard,
And sliced cheese to make sandwiches along the way. Please use sliced cheese. You don't want to use a knife while driving--it's just not a good idea kids. I also put all the meat and cheese in zip lock bags. I hate when the water from the cooler ruins my cheese!
I also pack cheese sticks (I happen to think I could conquer the world with cheese sticks alone).
 I also love celery for long road trips, so I pre-cut and bag them into ready to munch pieces!

Then, of course, I have some pretzels, apples, granola bars (special K and Adkins are my favorite for protein and balanced nutrition), and nuts (which I could also almost live on).
Next is the cooler. I include water, diet soda (Diet Sprite is my favorite), juice, and then last but not least... (drum roll here please....)
Wine.. Hey! What if we do get stranded! At least we'll have something to do!

That's it! Now all I have to do is pack up my clothes, hair dryer, self tanning lotion, and my laptop. I'm set to go. Hey - a girl has to be prepared for anything! 

All systems are ago! Wish us luck and enjoy your travels and be this safe this Thanksgiving holiday!

Mental Health Tip: I like to manifest a safe, easy, and fun travel by visualizing just that in my head. I play it all through and visualize laughter, clear roads, and blue skies. It usually works for me so I hope you follow my lead and visualize the trip and holiday of your dreams.. And watch as your dreams come true!

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