About Me

Well, I thought you all might want to get to know me a little.. So here we go!

I am a city girl gone country. Yep, from Chicago, IL to the wild west of Montana!

That makes me loosely the pig-tail wearing redhead in stiletto's if you can imagine that!

I started this blog for many reasons:

1) There isn't as much going on here in the country and I like to be busy!

2) I love cooking and food. I cook when I'm happy, stressed, upset, joyous, you name it....!

3) I want to show people that healthy can be and is DELICIOUS!

My mission with this blog is to bring families, friends, loved ones, strangers to the table to share a meal, share a story, and relate. 

I believe that love, healthy foods, and lots of laughs make a great and balanced life!

I hope you like my recipes and you too can be convinced that yummy can be guilt-free and healthy for the whole family!
Someone once asked.. "What if you never ever got paid to do this?"

And I shrugged and said, "Well, then I guess I'll keep doing it. I just can't not."

Stay tuned as I Hot Mess* more and more recipes!

Let me help you create a healthy, balanced, and delicious life!

~One Hot Mess in the kitchen and lovin' it! :)

*Hot Mess (verb) - To take a fat laden recipe and clean it up by adding more vitamins and nutrients while eliminating unnecessary fats!