Monday, May 21, 2012

Baby Boys, Breast Milk, and Burp Cloths

That's what my life is filled with now a days. I delivered a healthy baby boy named Colton Lee on April 26th at 6:11 am. And let me tell you.. my life is nothing like it used to be.

My days are filled with dirty diapers, spit up, and of course lots of boob juice. My little man is already a boob man. As I type right now he's is hanging off my chest in his baby Bjorn that is one of the ways that I can actually get him to take his naps. 

In my new world as a mom, I do at least one load of laundry a day, cook with one hand (if at all thanks to my honey), and change numerous diapers and then there's plenty of midnight snacks, sweet cries, and loads and loads of memories being made.

It's a world so filled with love that nothing could have prepared me for it. Absolutely nothing could have prepared me for the all consuming love that was waiting for me when Scott placed him on my chest seconds after his delivery. 
He's now almost one month old and I hardly have time to turn around to see where the time went.

Recipes will follow. I am hopeful that I will get the use of both of my hands back... eventually.

Just wanted you all to know that I'm cooking up some great recipes and also a strong, centered, sensitive and happy little man! 

Much Love!

This Hot Mess Momma in Montana

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