Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day

It's Valentine's Day, which for me means another day for endless goopy-woopy love and a great excuse to have chocolates and flowers in the house.

The best kind of chocolates (in my humble opinion) are little Dove's. I grew up with these always on hand. My mother always said she would never live in a house with out chocolates or whip cream. I have the best mom ever, don't I?!?

Seriously? Chocolate and whip cream, I know exactly why I chose her as my mom!
For Valentine's Day this year, I ran out of time. Big surprise. So, this year Doves Dark Chocolates are my treat.

They're sweet, perfectly sized.
And when you peel them open, please be careful.

Because there is always a thoughtful note tucked inside, almost like the notes some other kids got from their parents in their lunches. 

Today, my special note says, "Take advantage of every free moment you have." And isn't that the truth!
So, I do and I slowly and peacefully eat my dark chocolate dove, spending time loving me and sharing that love with all of you.
If you do have a few extra minutes and energy, please do make these delicious "Love You Sugar Cookies". They are extra delicious and make everyone feel really special, if your into that sort of thing, which I totally am.
Because could there be a better recipe for love than Sugar Cookies, Dipped in Sugared Frosting, and sprinkled with sugar? Nothing, that's what.

Hope you all have a love-filled and chocolate-dazed Valentine's Day. 

From my heart to yours!

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