Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Best EVER Bagel Sandwich

Wow! I'm so hungry! All the time! It seems almost impossible except for the fact that it is actually happening. I am actually this hungry. 

Most recently, I've been craving bagel sandwiches something fierce. It's like I'm possessed. I've been playing with the recipe about every day for the past week and I think I've finally found the pot of gold. 

This is the Bagel Sandwich we've all been waiting for. The kind of Best EVER Bagel Sandwich that tastes like someone else made for you. Which of course isn't true, it was actually you whipping this up, but somehow it does taste like you had nothing to do with it. Funny, right?

I wanted to factor in pieces of all the whole grains, proteins, and vegetables that I'm supposed to be ingesting to help my unborn baby grow strong. It's so overwhelming that sometimes I just want to go to the Dairy Queen drive through and get the biggest M & M Blizzard they make (and sometimes I do...).
However, in an effort to keep things extra nutritious, this Best Ever Bagel Sandwich is loaded with protein, creamy hummus, and loaded with fresh and crunchy vegetables. It has the best of all worlds... hot, creamy, crunchy, and of coarse that delicious crunch of a toasted bagel finished with soft doughy inside of that same bagel that feels like my grandmothers hugs.


This Best EVER Bagel Sandwich is a must try and only has 5 INGREDIENTS! That's it to make it feel like my grandma's hug and like someone else made it. And in case you never met my grandma... she had the best hugs to give.

Have a great lunch or brunch over the weekend!
On with the recipe!

Best EVER Bagel Sandwich 

1 Large Egg
1 Whole Wheat Bagel (Preferably loaded with fiber and flax if you can find it)
1/4 Cup Classic Garlic Hummus (find recipe here or you can use store bought too)
1/4 Cup Thinly Sliced English Cucumber
1/4 Cup Fresh Baby Spinach
1. Heat a small skillet and spray with olive oil cooking spray. Cook the egg over easy, over medium, hard. However you prefer your eggs cook it that way. Then turn off the heat.
2. Meanwhile, slice bagel and toast lightly.
3. Spread both sides with hummus, then top the bottom with the thinly sliced cucumber and half of the spinach leaves. Top with the cooked egg and the remaining spinach leaves.
4. Close with the top of the bagel and slice in half. Then devour like it came from the best bagel sandwich shop you know of and your grandma is sitting across from you asking about your day at school.

Serving: 1

Nutritional Skinny:

370 calories / 10 g fat / 47 g carbohydrates / 10.3 g fiber / 23 g protein

Mental Health Benefit: This sandwich is not only easy and satisfying, but backed with iron rich spinach, protein dense eggs, and tons of fiber brought to you by the hummus and the whole grain bagel. The perfect way to spend your lunch to give you the power to make it the rest of the afternoon until dinner!



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That looks amazing! My mouth is watering thinking about one of those warm bagels slathered in butter!

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