Monday, April 19, 2010

The Longest Road Trip EVER... from Texas and Santa Fe

We are on the road again. Or should I say still... I am becoming strangly intimate with the back seat of our Chevy Lumina. We have developed a rather sensual relationship where the seat belt holds me close, the head rest carresses my hair, and the seat firmly cups my bottom. Okay, either that or I am just going a little stir crazy. Let's just call it the latter shall we? My view out my left window is baggage. Things are getting a little squirley to say the least.

We drove about 10 hours to lovely San Antonio, Texas. I have never been and we arrive late and famished. I am pretty exhausted and haven't had a moment of solitude since about March 17th. Yeah, things are getting a little hairy for me and my crabby-ness is starting to bubble over into the dealings of the day. Not to mention I am running out of money. To be exact, I have $2.16 in cash at the moment. The last of my life savings. I'm being a little dramatic, but not much. I am running out of cash... quick. My emergency plan is buying lotto tickets at the moment. Seems like the right thing to do. I am feeling lucky afterall?

We head to the river walk and pass by the Alamo taking pictures and reading the signs. We get to the river walk and head down the stairs. It is spectacular and suddenly I am back in Venice eating squid ink pasta on the ocean licking olive oil off the plate and sipping house wine served in a jug. That is how cool this river walk is. There are no pictures that can really do it justice. It is gorgeious. We sit down to eat at The Original Mexican Restaurant and a mariachi band comes to our table and asks us if we want a song. Everyone turns to me. Why? I have no idea. It isn't like I have been calling the shots around here for the past month or anything?  My mom smiles at me as if she wants to hear something even though I know she hates these bands. They drive her nuts. I choke, not in my right mind (I'm not sure I even have a 'right' mind), and say yes. After he leaves to go get the band I look at my parents, "Why did you let me make the decision? And mom, you hate these bands, why were you smiling at me?" Oh, well it was too late he was there and played a song and I gave him my last $2. When they leave my mom says, "And now she is officially out of money."

Yes, this is a great example of being out of sorts. I spent my last $2 on song performed by a mariachi band. It's time to get me home, immediately. Don't pass go, don't collect $200 (although that would be nice). Nope, get me home. We have some margaritas to calm me down and I have shrimp quesadillas that are delicious while my parents eat enchiladas. Overall, the food is great and the next time the mariachi band comes by to ask if we want another song, I find my 'right' mind for an instant and say "No". For one moment, I have clarity. It's still time to get me home though.

The next morning we get up and pack everything back into the car and head to Santa Fe, NM. This is another long trip and by the time we arrive to the hotel it is past 8 o'clock and all I want is a sip of cheap white wine (literally) and a hot bath. After that, I put myself right to bed. I can't function and sleep is the only thing that sounds good. Santa Fe and I will have to wait until the morning for our rondezvous.

The morning comes, thankfully, and my date with Santa Fe begins. The sun is shining and I am revived. We have decided to spend the day here and we walk to the downtown after several arguments regarding which is the best way to go. Finally, we get down town do some walking around and pop into the church to look around at the stained glass. My mom finds a zylaphone and we end up having to drag her out of there before she starts playing it and we all get kicked out!

After the near fiasco in the church, we decide that what we need now is a bucket of beer. Pretty much. We find a great little cafe outside and have the most delicious BBQ duck quesadillas and smoked chicken enchiladas. It is just what the doctor ordered! We sit in the sunshine, soak up some fresh new mexican fare, and delight in our surroundings.

After that we walk around and do some minor shopping, but because I am broke it really is just pure torture. On the way back to the hotel we decide that it's margarita-thirty and stop at The Cowgirl Cafe for another drink. More sunshine and smiles ensue. We are happy, relaxed and enjoying ourselves.

We decide to head out of town into the mountains for dinner. It is time for a little scenic drive and some serious mountain time. We dine on fresh guacamole that they make right in front of us and share the best chili renillos known to man-kind and roasted pork fajitas.

It is also time for another margarita. We want to make sure we can recreate the "New Mexico Margarita" accurately when we get home, so we must do our share of sampling. It seems like the right thing to do given the 'research' we are doing. The evening ends with a sense of peace, but knowing that we will once again be on the road tomorrow for another long drive to Boulder, CO. Santa Fe has sufficiently re-fueled our spirits and refreshed our attitudes. I am happy to have spent the day and happy to be continueing on what I am now calling "The longest road trip EVER"!

Mental Health Travel Tip: The most important thing that I packed on this trip doesn't take up a lot of room, I can easily carry it around with me, and has turned out to be the essential ingredient to making this road trip a success. It is my sense of humor. Without this, things would be far more chaotic. I encourage you to bring yours, not just on road trips, but to the grocery store, to work, and especially at home. Don't take yourself so seriously. Remember, none of us get out of this alive anyway, so I take myself far less seriously now. I end up laughing a lot more and my friends laugh a lot more too! All in all, it is really working for me and I encourage you to join me in my "It isn't that serious" campaign!

Laughing and smiling on "The Longest Road Trip EVER!"

~ "Too Lovely" Hot Messes on the road (still)

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