Monday, March 29, 2010

Home Sweet Hot-lanta

After a long 8 hour drive, mom, Janet, and I all made it to Altanta. We were a little road weary, but with the sun shining and my dad here to greet us we couldn't be too crabby. My dad took us out to a great resturant to enjoy our first taste of the south.

He took us to the best place he knew in town; Murphy's. It was absolutley fabulous. They had the doors open letting in all the fresh air. We feasted on Fried Calamari, BBQ glazed salmon, Shrimp and Grits, and the special was a pan seared Halibut served with delicious garlic roasted potatoes and greens. We also got the most beautiful and decadent desserts. One was a triple chocolate layer cake and the other was a lemon tart. The wait staff are well seasoned in describing the food and my mouth watered with just the description. They also have a full wine bar stocked full of great wine to choose from. We selected a Savignon Blanc as well as a Chardonnay to serve with our fish for dinner.

My dad had loose ends to tie up so it was mostly us three women running amuck in Hot-lanta. We all had breakfast together before us women were set loose in Atlanta. We ate one morning at the Highland Bakery. Dad had the Caprese salad that was delicioous and fresh. Mom and I shared the Breakfast BLT and Janet had the grits and black eyed peas.

After breakfasts, we had a car, a few dollars, and a GPS named Lucky L'il. She got PMS pretty bad there in the middle, but luckily I suddenly discovered my intuitive road side instincts. We miraculously found the Martin Luther King Memorial Center just as I  thought we would before our GPS even put her eye glasses on to help. It was a magical sort of turn of events and I was glad to have my intuition tuned in just right.

Janet, mom, and I wandered around for several days making ourselves at home. Really too much. We started planning the how to re-decorate the loft that was so graciously donated to us for our stay. We even developed a letter of eviction to the owners offering to take care of the place for them while they were away if they would continue to pay the bills. We thought it was a pretty good deal...

Despite all of our planning, my dad did graduate and they let him go. He now as no hair. He looks ppretty much like Yoda. Yeah, really. Some people say he looks like Ghandi, but Yoda is more accurate. And I have learned a thing or two about love and marriage. They do go together like a horse and carriage, but almost more accurately ommitment and perserverence are just as important. Sometimes absense makes the heart grow fonder and other times, it can make a person crazy. It is hard to say what exactly happened to my parents, but the good news is they are reunited (thank God). I don't think I could have taken one more minute!

We are all back together now and on to our next destination... Savannah, GA!

Come along as us Hot Messes eat our way through America. I'll definitely need a diet after this Foodie Reserch Adventure...

Wish us luck!

~ "Too Lovely" Hot Messes from the road

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